We want you to know up front what our services will cost, so we are happy to publish our prices.


We like to keep things simple:


Business Customers (including landlords and letting agents):

  • Up to 30 items - £30 (our minimum charge) then £1.00 for each additional item

  • Up to 200 items - £180 then just £0.80 for each additional item

Residential Customers:

  • Up to 20 items - £20 (minimum charge) then £1.00 for each additional item


Please note that detachable power leads count as an item on their own, as they have to be tested separately from the equipment to which they belong.


What you get:

  • A thorough visual inspection and electrical safety test

  • A fully-insured technician trained in accordance with the IET Code of Practice (4th Edition) will carry out the tests using our regularly-calibrated equipment (a copy of the calibration certificate is available for inspection on request)

  • Each item that has been tested will be allocated a unique number (which you can provide, or we can provide for you)

  • Each item that has been tested will be supplied with a label showing the date of the test and the test result (Pass or Fail)

  • You will be provided with a report showing the test results of all items tested.


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